VOIP Cloud-Based Systems

A Cloud based telephone system delivers all the features you would expect from a traditional telephone system over your internet connection.

Cloud based telephone systems are suitable for application of all sizes but are particularly cost effective for companies with less than 10 users. The Cloudvoice VoIP solution from Ericsson LG is the solution of choice and delivers a complete range of services and telephones


  • No PABX cost

The Cloudvoice VoIP solution requires no on-site telephone system and therefore this is a saving at time of installation. Rather than having the upfront cost of a new telephone system you pay a monthly fee per telephone.

  • No telephone line costs

All the calls are routed over the internet and this means you don’t have to pay for costly ISDN or PSTN line rental.  Furthermore, you can avail of extra line capacity and ensure that your incoming callers never get busy tone. If there are no staff available, the incoming callers can be dealt with by an automatic queueing system

  • Auto-Attendant Voicemail

Depending on your own application, it may be useful to use the auto-attendant system which will answer the calls automatically and route them to the most suitable person or call answering group.  Each extension can have its’ own direct dial-in number and voicemail, making staff more contactable and efficient.  These people can be in the office or remote workers

  • Remote workers

All telephone handsets are connected to the Cloudvoice system via the internet and therefore it does not matter where these telephones are located.  Therefore, a company could have some people working in the office and others working from home.  Each telephone user will be able to transfer calls to other co-workers and enjoy all the features of the telephone system irrespective of where they are situated.

  • Advance control

Using a live wall-board the office manager can stay on top of costs and response times.  He can decide such things as when it is required to bring in more call takers at busy times. Also, using a simple and intuitive web portal you can make programme many changes to the Cloudvoice system yourself.

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