Free Telephone System Audit

Is your existing Telecom solution fit for purpose or costing you more than it should?

Spectrum Communications offers you a free telecom audit, where we will examine the following

The Phone System.

Is your current phone system fit for purpose or could you benefit from new technology that would make your staff more contactable and make it easier for you customers to reach the person they want? Mobile solutions both in and out of the office can make you business more efficient.

Phone lines

Many companies have lines that are no longer used or have too many lines for their present needs. In addition to this, it may be possible to reduce your rental charges further by replacing some or all of your lines with VoIP lines. There are no rental charges associated with VoIP lines.

Phone charges

When was the last time you checked your call charges. Many companies are still paying more than they need to for telephone calls. In particular, there can be significant savings on calls made to international numbers.